• Tranny Dating & Escorts: Best Shemale Escorts

    Tranny Dating & Escorts: Best Shemale Escorts

    Hey Mr. Porn Geek, where should I go for the best transsexual escort experience?

    That’s a good question! Thankfully, I’ve got a whole section of my website devoted to explaining to you the hotspots on the Internet if you’re looking for great shemale escort destinations. I think everyone knows just how fantastic having sex with a professional fucker is: especially when they’re transsexual and looking to pleasure anyone who’s got the money on hand to keep them busy for a few hours. What’s so great about transsexual escorts is that most of the time, they’re so horny themselves that they’re putting in some serious effort – it’s as much about them as it is about you! Do note that for all intents and purposes, 95% of the escorts you will find on these websites are the male to female variety. You might find female to male in one or two places, but I don’t think there are many of those at all who’re looking for that type of action. Anyway: I think it’s about time that you went ahead and looked at these recommended places so that I can go back to writing more reviews on the best websites around for transsexual escort fun! (more…)

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